Smart WiringTM

Smart WiringTM

Smart WiringTM is the affordable way to wire your home to make the most of life, now and in the future.
Smart WiringTM is the standard home wiring system that lets you combine phone & fax lines, pay TV cabling, sound, computer and Internet, intelligent lighting, security, home automation, and much more, at the one time and it gives the flexibility to add and change in the future without expensive re-wiring costs.

Installed by just one Smart WiredTM accredited electrician, not teams of specialists, Smart WiringTM is designed to suit both your budget and life.

Best installed when you’re building or renovating, Smart WiringTM should be discussed with your Smart WiredTM builder to make sure you pick the right options for you.

It must be good, it is recognised by FOXTEL and our Partners are Australian household names.

How We Work

When you choose VIScomm as part of your building team, here’s how the process typically works.

1. Site establishment – demolition of existing systems, putting in pre-slab conduits, and arranging temporary builders’ power.

2. Prewire – installation of cabling before GIB linings are fixed in place.

3. Preline signoff – QA checks to ensure all cabling is in, and in the correct place. Measurements, photos and notes taken to ‘see through walls’ after plasterboard linings have been installed.

4. Postline – cutting out plasterboard for all recessed items such as lights, speakers, sensors, smoke alarms etc.

5. Installation of all elements noted on the plans

6. Testing and commissioning – checking everything works and is set up correctly to ensure safety and compliance, and recording test results for later reference if needed.

7. Certification – issuing the relevant documents such as an Electrical Safety Certificate, Certificate of Compliance or Record of Inspection – by an independent electrical inspector.

Now step inside the Smart WiringTM to your new Smart Home!

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn your house into a smart home. You can set up your home for the future right now. Take advantage of new technologies as they become available in the future with an Smart WiringTM.