Multi-room Audio

Your music within your home

Whether you are a casual listener, an audio enthusiast, or an audiophile, Viscomm audio experts will install whole house audio and multi-room music systems that go beyond the ordinary to create an entirely a new way on how you discover and interact with music. We work with you to choose, custom design and install multi-room audio systems that seamlessly integrate with your decor. From concealed in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for both indoor and outdoor areas like your patio or balcony to integrating cutting-edge home automation, we install whole house audio & multi-room music systems to connect your home to a new sound.

Surround Sound Throughout

Multi-room audio is perfect for anyone that likes their music or likes to entertain, from having the same music play throughout the house and outdoor entertaining area to having different music in different rooms. Sonos is a wireless music system perfect for this. In ceiling or in wall speakers connected to a Sonos product allows you to play music all through the house. You can also connect it to an av receiver with two zones, have the kids watching TV through zone 1 speakers and have zone 2 speakers playing music outside while you entertain. There are also many other options available for multi-room audio.

Can include the following:
  • Speakers in multiple rooms
  • Multiple Zone configurations
  • In-wall controls
  • Different rooms, different music

Customise your system and play what you want, where you want.