New House Wiring

Ensuring a Safe Future

An electrical problem of any type can be extremely disruptive to your daily routine. At VIScomm our goal is to minimize the disruption to restore your wiring as quickly and efficiently as possible. We specialize in comprehensive electrical wiring services for every aspect of your residential or commercial property.

High Quality Service!

In this day and age, technology is a normal part of our lives, so if your building a house, why not make it smart wired and future proofed. Wiring a house with all TV, data, phone, audio, and security is the best way to future proof a home, running them all to 1 location making service and setup easy and cost effective. Doing this before plaster is up will always be cheaper than wiring an existing home, however not impossible of course! If you have an existing home then it can also be future proofed as well, just costing that little bit extra.

Can include the following:
  • TV points, Phone points, Data/Internet Points
  • Wiring for speakers
  • Intercoms
  • In wall Home Theatre Cables
  • Security systems + more

Rewiring your whole home might be a big project, but it’s always worth it in the end.