Antenna Installation

Get the best antenna signal with a VIScomm Professionals Installer

Every home and every antenna are different. That’s why we use expert VIScomm technicians to survey your property. They’re trained to account for any possible environmental factors as they install the right antenna in the best location to optimize your signal strength.

Top Quality

VIScomm technicians are licensed, insured, experienced and trained to account for any environmental factors that could interfere with your signal. Don’t miss out on getting extra channels and the best signal strength.

*Local channel signals vary based on geography.

Why get a VisComm professional Installer?

If you’re handy with tools (and don’t mind climbing ladders), there are plenty of things you can DIY around the place. But antenna installation is something you should always leave to the professionals.

Can include the following:

  • Upgrading of current antenna to a new one capable of accepting all new digital signals.
  • Assessing and advising on what would be the best cost effective and long lasting solution including free quote.
  • Replacing old systems with new cabling, points, splitters and boosters.
  • All new cables will be fitted off with either crimp or compression f connector ends meaning they cannot fall off and have a better contact. This means there is less signal loss than older installations which used twist on connections.
  • Free removal of any old antennas and leftover debris from the old system. A basic Antenna installation starts from $199. Contact VisComm for a free assessment and quote.
  • Upgrading of new antenna.
  • Removal of old.
  • Re-align antenna.
  • Site survey for best location to install new antenna or move existing if in acceptable condition.

Antenna installation for the best possible sound and crystal clear display