In Wall / Ceiling Speakers

Speaker Installation

Create a unique atmosphere in your home with speakers throughout the house or business establishments like restaurant, cafe’s, malls etc. Install speakers that practically disappear, blending into your ceilings & walls to create an environment that sounds incredible while looking amazing!

Quality that matters

The best place for any speaker is hidden in a wall or ceiling with only the grill showing, most grills can also be painted to suit your wall colour. Some speakers can also be angled to point towards your sitting area so that the sound is directed to you creating a much better sound. All cables are also hidden in the wall and ran back to a receiver. Some sub-woofers can also be mounted in a wall, ceiling or floor providing there is enough space. This is great if you don’t want floor standing speakers, or speakers mounted on the outside of the wall.

Can include the following:
  • Mounting of circular or rectangle speakers
  • In-wall or In-ceiling installation, including some sub-woofers
  • Concealment of all cables
  • In-wall volume control

In-Ceiling Speaker Installation

Enjoy the immersive sound that blends into your home’s aesthetics with professionally installed in-ceiling speakers throughout. In-ceiling speakers are perfect for surround sound setups and whole home audio systems. Many new homes come pre-wired for ceiling speaker systems. 

In-Wall Speaker Installation

In-wall speakers are great for your home theater room or distributed audio system. Enjoy crystal clear audio with pristine definition and dynamics with permanently installed in-wall architectural speakers.

If your home is not currently pre-wired for audio, that’s no problem! Our expert installers can retro-fit your home for a complete surround sound system or whole house audio system with no damage to your walls or ceilings.