Universal Remote Controls

Can never pick up the right remote?

Do you have multiple remotes? Maybe you would like to control your blinds? Lights? Even your air conditioning? This can be achieved through a smart remote. The features of these remotes are endless and allow ease of use when it comes to multiple compatible devices that you would like to control. Click HERE to contact us for more information. 

How Universal Remotes Work

Universal Remotes allow you to control all your home entertainment equipment such as TV’s, VCR players, DVD players, home theater receivers and more from just one device. Offering choices of Inferred, RF or a combination of both allow you to control multiple devices from across the room or even through walls depending on the set up of your system. No longer will you need to hunt for different remotes; all commands can be handled by just one simple to use device.

Universal Remotes work by storing the commands for all your various equipment into one system. Programming can be as simple as downloading some software to your computer and inputting the brands and model numbers of the equipment you want to control via the universal remote. Once everything is configured the data is then downloaded into your new remote via a cable. Overall programming is quick and easy however more advanced options are available.

Who has a remote control, has the power.