Hills Home Hubs

are the center point for a smart wired system.
Hills Industries designed the Reliance Security System using the most advanced technology available. Designed to meet the demands of safeguarding your home and family.

This is where it all comes together. Phone, Data, TV, Pay TV and Security for the main part as well as multi-room audio for those who may wish to install, and where NBN will in the future be installed next too.

The reason we run all our wires to here is to make life easier and cost friendly for maintenance and new installations.

In this new technology age most of us are connected to the internet in some way, and soon enough we will all be apart of this technology age.

What is actually in the Hub?

Inside the hub we have a module for which the telephone line in is terminated. It is then distributed through the house to the desired phone point location.

A module for all the data points to terminate on and then these points connect to a switch located inside this Hub which in turn connects to the ADSL+ Broadband modem.

A TV Splitter is also located in this Hub to distribute the free to air channels to each installed TV point.

There are also other optional installations such as a security panel and multi room audio module.

The base recommendation for any new home is:

Each bedroom will have what we call a smart point. This will consists of 1 Free To Air TV point and 2 Data points.

The Smart Points in any living room or theatre room will consist of 1 Free To Air TV point, 2 Pay TV points, and a minimum of 3 Data points.

With this new wiring installed it is possible to change any data point to a phone point and vice-versa.

With the installation of a Hills Home Hub – your multimedia, data, and alarm panel cabling can be housed discretely and securely within the hub.

Structured cabling using the Hills Home Hub is best planned as part of your a new home build to ensure the latest in whole-house entertainment and living.